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This exciting and revolutionary submersible “Drone” is under development and testing and will soon be available to the public!


Designed from the ground up, the HDPE chassis is nearly indestructible and designed with maximum 3 Axis maneuverability in mind.  Use as-is for underwater filming and exploration for recovery (with optional “Grabber”), or as a platform for end user projects of modifications.  This simple yet sturdy R.O.V. has endless possibilities!





Compact Design

HDPE Chassis eliminates need for “flooding” of weighting tube chassis.

(3) 12V DC motors provide easy 3 Axis Motion.

Expandable for Onboard tools

Powered by a land-bases 12V marine battery (not included)

50’-75’-100’ Tether options.


This product is in final stages of development.  Testing should be completed soon.


It is made of durable materials and can be remotely piloted to a depth of about 35 feet.  It has a camera onboard and can photo/video you and your diving buddies or search the bottom of lakes and springs for lost items without getting wet.


This Rover will be offered for $1599.00 with camera, 40 foot umbilical and control box.

If you are interested, we are taking pre-production orders at 1499.00 on a first-come-first-served basis.

Submersible R.O.V. (Remotely Operated Vehicle) coming soon

$1,599.00 Regular Price
$1,499.00Sale Price
  • Trademark Theming sells both stock items and custom-made items. 


    All returns will require an RMA issued by Trademark Theming, a copy of which must be attached or enclosed to the returned item.  The buyer is responsible for all return shipping costs.




    For approved returns, made within 30 days, the buyer will receive a replacement item or a full refund.


    CUSTOM ITEMS: Buyers will be required to give final approval on all custom-made items before we ship and cannot be returned unless specification or workmanship standards are not met.  Approved Custom Item Returns must be made within 15 days.  Thus, giving buyer ample time to review the item to make sure it meets the design specification and requirements.


    Custom items requiring installation, should be examined by the installers or customers assigned representative within 24 hours of delivery.  Notification must be given to Trademark Theming immediately of any discrepancies found during the 24 hour inspection period.  Adjustments that are needed after this date can be made but will incur additional costs.

  • Call please.

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