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The Fountain Of Youth

The Fountain of Youth Archeological Park is Florida’s oldest theme park and is on the National Registry of Historic Places.  Trademark Theming was recently entrusted with the task of the first-ever, complete restoration and automation of their world-famous ‘Discovery Globe’ attraction.  We have also updated their signage and helped them re-imagine and restore many of their other iconic attractions.” 

The Fountain of Youth

Regan's Campground

Below is a series of photos showing the development of a Raccoon Mascot from computer concept, to 3D Model and then the various stages in full-scale development.

Campground Rakoon

Caring Hands Sign

This customer wanted a sign that would become “Benchmark” in town that people used to give directions, catch people’s attention when driving past, and keep their Animal Hospital on the minds of people.  All of this was achieved by putting a 12’ tall dog Barking at a Cat on their sign.  This sign became so popular it was designated as a Pokemon Go site. 

Dalmatian & Cat
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